Schmillion Please vote for us in SchoolJam USA!
SchoolJam USA is an annual, national songwriting battle of the bands. The winners get $5,000 for their schools’ music programs, $1,000 for new gear for the band, and a trip to perform at an international festival in Germany next spring!
We’ve made it to the semifinals, but now WE NEED YOUR VOTES to get to the finals in California. You have to register on the SchoolJam website with your name and address and stuff, but don’t worry - they won’t spam you and they’ll never sell the info. Once you register, you can GO BACK AND VOTE ONCE A DAY through November 30th. So far, we’re doing really well in the voting, but it’s a long way to the end of November and we need your help. It’s REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU VOTE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE! It’s easy. Here’s the scoop -
Step 2 - Enter your email address and click “submit.” If you’re not already registered, it will prompt you to type in your personal info - BTW, you can win prizes just for voting (up to $1,000!!) so they need to know how to reach you. They also use that info to prevent unfair ballot stuffing. Once you fill in all the info, click “submit” again. You’ll be taken to a new page.
Step 3 - Choose “Central Region” in the blue drop-down menu. That will take you to the list of 12 Central Region bands.
Step 4 - Click on SCHMILLION. A new box will open up with three songs you can play from our new CD (Hope you love them) and a yellow button in the lower left that says, “Vote for this entry.” Click on that to vote for SCHMILLION.
Step 5 - Repeat daily until November 30th. Remember, once you’ve registered, it only takes about 30 seconds to vote each day.
That’s it. Easy peasy. You could REALLY help Schmillion by passing this along to all of your friends. If you’re on Facebook, there’s an event page here -
Thanks so much for taking your time to help us. Every single vote helps. You rock.