Schmillion at Free Press Summer Fest

geez, it was a fun road trip to Houston to play the very cool Free Press Summer Fest. Big thanks to Ume and Red Bull Soundstage, FPSF and everyone that came out to see us.

We saw some of our favorite bands and stumbled on to some new ones we loved. So it was super nice to get this shout out:

One of the greatest joys of a gargantuan music event like Summer Fest is stumbling across bands you weren’t aware of and coming away much the better for it.

I made my way across the festival grounds to catch Fat Tony’s set only to realize I had ended up on the complete wrong side of Eleanor Tinsley Park.

Lucky for me it turned out, as I was able to catch the end of out-of-town indie kids Schmillion’s set. The band looked to be barely out of high school, but they played their driving, tuneful songs tighter than most groups twice their age. The lightning-quick instrument swap between bassist and drummer was a highlight, as was the “phew!” look on the bassist’s face after they pulled it off.” Joe Mathlete

See photo for blow by blow on the switch!

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